Bitcoin Halving Day!

Belated Happy Bitcoin Halving Day!

I can’t claim to have a great track record as an early adopter or predicting trends in technology/prophecising great events.

I did, however, become aware of Bitcoin very early on in it’s existence. Due to an obnoxious combination of an-cap libertarianism and passive interest in tech I maintained a bit of an interest in potential ‘crypto-currencies’  and promptly did (about 5 mins) of research to find a program I could download which I could use to buy bitcoins using my – at the time – fairly substantial disposable income.

I downloaded a recommended program (cannot remember which) aaaand my laptop proceeded to go completely to shit. Not sure if I’d DL’d malware or if it was perfectly random but either way I had to buy a new laptop and never got round to buying any Bitcoin. This was in early 2011.

Historical Bitcoin Valuation

So anyway. For once (and probably the only time) in my life I identified a genuinely novel, and profitable, product or innovation and then never got round to following up on my initial gut feeling.

Which leaves me here, blogging about random shit on wordpress – rather than being written about alongside these smug (no jel) assholes.