BREXIT Hysteria: Science to end, universities to die

A typically staid and rational headline from The Independent:

Brexit could destroy Britain’s status as a scientific superpower, Government warned

Science and Technology Committee chair Nicola Blackwood tells Science Minister Jo Johnson: ‘I think this will be make or break for our knowledge economy’

A horrifying prospect – if there’s one thing anyone with a cursory knowledge of history is aware of it’s that the UK had no scientific or technological achievements prior to joining the EEC in 1973. Let’s have a look at the latest World University rankings to see how well the UK holds up courtesy of its EU membership (counting UK Unis as already non-EU):


10 = 0/10 EU Universities

11-20 = 0/20 EU Universities

21-30 = 1/30 EU Universities

31-40 = 2/40 EU Universities

41-50 = 2/50 EU Universities

51-60 = 4/60 EU Universities

61-70 = 7/70 EU Universities

71-80 = 10/80 EU Universities

81-90 = 11/90 EU Universities

91-100 = 18/100 EU Universities

So the UK had the choice to Remain alongside the EU, which has produced (without the UK) 18% of the World’s Top 100 Universities, or rejoining the rest of the World which will number (including the UK’s 18 Universities in Top 100) 82% of the World’s leading scientific research establishments. Of course simply comparing the UK’s 18/100 vs the EU’s 18/100 is more than a little misleading.

A single nation – or an irrelevant little island if you’re a Brussels hack – should have no right to numerically match the total contribution of continental Europe to the World’s Top 100 Universities in the first place. But even ignoring that obvious imbalance, the UK’s institutions are grouped far higher up than those of the EU. The UK provides 4/10 of the World’s Top 10 Universites (vs 5/10 from the USA and 1/10 from Switzerland) while the EU provides 0. The UK is the only country which can conceivably compete with the World’s undisputed scientific, technological, and economic superpower within the sphere of Higher Education which is of course the (never been in, never will be) USA. The EU does not even begin to make a reasonable showing until the bottom half (50-100) of the World’s Top 100 Universities.

Racist, xenophobic and anti-intellectual: Academics threaten to leave Brexit Britain

So startled!


The academics who have suddenly decided that the UK (a country which has never had a fascist elected to Parliament and which nearly destroyed itself fighting European fascism) voting to abandon a supranational bureaucracy, rooted in a continent which has repeatedly elected – and continues to vote for – violent fascist governments will certainly have a tough choice ahead:

  1. They can elect to move to the embarrassingly small number of EU universities within the lower end of the World’s elite

Aaaaand that’s it. Obviously the absence of EU membership= Xenophobic, nativist, fascist hatred so they absolutely wouldn’t even think of moving to the US, Canada, Australia, Chile, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, Japan, PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea or any of the other evil inherently racist and scientifically primitive nations which  – through irrational hatred alone – have never joined the European Union.

Following the outpouring of arrogant, contemptuous, smuggery and trigglypuff levels of emotional incontinence in the immediate aftermath of the BREXIT result I had hoped the majority of the MSM would calm the fuck down and put an end to Project Fear.

Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve decided to chase clicks and sales (or are simply intellectually and ideologically incapable of rationality) by continuing to push hysterical, inconsistent, alarmist nonsense about their imagined Kali Yuga following the triggering of Article 50.