Turkey Coup Happening: Military attempting to depose Erdogan

Reports of ‘low flying aircraft’ and ‘gunfire’ in Ankara. Erdogan’s ambition to re-establish Turkey in it’s role as the pre-eminent Muslim power has been covered in depth and fairly open. His persecution of the military top brass has been much discussed and his court-martial of leading Kemalist generals had seemed to confirm his victory and the shift back towards atavistic Islamism.

However, the disintregration of Syria and the constant stream of refugees into Turkey, the petulant power play which saw a Russian jet downed, Turkey’s alleged support for ISIS, and the recent ISIS attack on Istanbul airport all seemed to have undermined Erdogan’s authority.

Indeed there have been recent reports and analysis discussing the “Political comeback of the Turkish Military?”, “Turkish Military’s Influence Risis Again”.

However, the steady emasculation of the Kemalist military – which had the unique role of being obliged and expected to interfere in politics to maintain the secular, Kemalist, nature of the Turkish state – during Erdogan’s time in power seemed to have secured his position and irreversably set Turkey on the path of re-Islamization.

But it appears the military has not forgotten the responsibility accorded it by the founder of the Turkish Republic.


Apparently Erdogan – despite claiming to be ‘in control’ via facetime – has been denied landing at Istanbul airport and has applied for asylum in Germany.

Given the already fractious nature of relations between German-Turkish-Islamist groups, German-Turkish-Secularist groups, and German-Kurdish groups Erdogan being given refuge in the country will be far from a dream situation for Mutti Merkel.

Update 2

The Turkish military are now climaing “full control” of the country.