May’s Leaving Cabinet

So Georgie Porgie has been fired. Probably inevitable, given his mixed popularity amongst the parliamentary Conservative Party and overwhelming unpopularity amongst the electorate.

From the BBC:

  • Chancellor – Philip Hammond
  • Home Secretary – Amber Rudd
  • Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson
  • Defence Secretary – Michael Fallon
  • Secretary of State for exiting the European Union – David Davis
  • International Trade Secretary – Liam Fox

For once the Chancellorship is not the prize. With the career-defining, history making, BREXIT negotiations upcoming the position as Chancellor has been relegated from it’s status as the ‘Great Office of State’ 2nd only to the Prime Minister; which it has held over the last 20 years or so since the Blair-Brown partnership.

Johnson as Foreign Secretary, David Davis as ‘Secretary of State for exiting the European Union’, and Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary, is a very strong selection for the Leave wing of the government.

The return of David Davis – one of the most principled ‘big beasts’ – in the Tory Party to frontline politics is a pleasant surprise but seems a sensible choice by May. I’ve always found it remarkable that the shameless poseur, and career politician hack, Cameron was chosen as Conservative Party leader over the experienced and widely respected Davis in 2005.

Overall a solid Cabinet from May. It should give people confidence that the negotiations with the EU will be taken seriously. Even Nigel Farage has gone from opposing May to endorsing her selection of Johnson and Fox as ‘inspired choices’. which give leave him feeling ‘optimistic’.